Corporate Safety Appraisals

An Analysis on the Company’s Safety Management

A Corporate Safety Appraisal provides an analysis of how a company’s safety is being managed. These can be customized to suit an individual client’s needs for his/her company. Important insights can be gained through the initiation of corporate safety appraisals. Qualified safety consultants assess specific safety functions impartially and share their expertise that is often important in solving safety issues regarding the company.

The Client’s Concerns

The consultant bases his analysis around what the client wants to know about the company’s safety function. Important questions a client may have may be:

  • Is the company losing money due to injuries and illnesses?
  • Are there incidents that suggest problems with implementations of safety programs?
  • Are safety resources that have been allocated being managed effectively?
  • Have changes implemented by the company prompted correct safety measures?

A corporate safety appraisal may consist of the following:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Program Review
  • Employee Interviews/Site Visits
  • Safety Perception Survey
  • Losses due to Injuries/Illnesses
  • Incidents Regarding Implementation of Safety Programs
  • Resources Allocated to Safety Function and Management
  • Changes that Prompt Assessment
  • Effective Safety Philosophy and Communication
  • Employee Input of Company’s Safety Process

Safety Perception Surveys

The consultant reviews current safety programs and assesses any activities affiliated with the programs then evaluates them to determine the extent the safety program is being administered. This process is implemented by a safety perception survey, employee interviews, site visits, and an incident analysis. Results of the safety perception survey are interpreted through graphics, charts and an understandable narrative so that the client can use it to advance. It serves as a baseline for future analysis. After corrective efforts, the client can repeat the survey. The anonymity of the interviewees is guaranteed through the independent consultant to ensure honesty so that feedback is useful to the client.

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