Business Continuity

ASERT Business Continuity Overview

Following some very active weather storms such as tropical storms and a number of unplanned network and system outages, a heightened awareness to Company’s vulnerability on a major incidents have taken hold throughout several organizations. Disruptions of normal business operations (NBO) can occur due to Pandemics, Weather, Terrorism, Planned Maintenance / Upgrades or other unplanned events or crises. As a result, many businesses recognize the importance of business continuity planning and have initiated a series of activities to mitigate the many events that can disrupt NBO systems, applications and communication channels.

Because of its enterprise wide scope, Business Continuity works through several business units which eliminate any potential conflicting allegiances or bias. Most Business Continuity Planning (BCP) missions are to minimize any business disruption to companies by mitigating the impact to the 5 critical asset categories:

  • Personnel & Families
  • Facilities
  • Infrastructure/Operations
  • Corporate/IT  Knowledge
  • Brand/Image

Several components of Business Continuity Planning will assist your company in achieving your goals during emergencies.  Some of the plans that ASERT can provide are as follows:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Analysis (RA)
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP – focused on IT)
  • Crises Management/Incident Management Plans/Teams (CMPs/IMTs).
  • Crises Simulation Workshops (CS).
  • GAP Analyses – Revision of current BCP & Crisis Management Plans
    • Critical analyses of current plans and Improvement Suggestions
  • Testing of Business Continuity Plans
    • Planning and Accompanying Tests of current plans
    • Report outlining critical analysis of post-test results
  • Training

Train professionals about the concepts and practical cases of BCM, prepare for Professional Certification and train personnel to develop BCM plans for the Company along with Certifying individuals in Oil and Gas Incident/Crisis Management Training.

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